TerraCare Software, Inc., also known as AHA Creative, Inc., is a design and technology company based in Strafford, Vermont. Over the past 25 years, the we have developed more than twenty-five print and software-based educational products for use in over thirty countries on a variety of subjects, including the environment, health, and consumer education.

We provide design and development services to over fifty different institutions and organizations around the world. Clients have included UN organizations, NGOs, non-profits, and businesses. We have won education and design awards for our work in the public and private sectors.

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Educational Products

Developing a Spending Savings Plan for Family Farmers

2009 - 2010: Designed interactive software and web-based tools to help family farmers develop a spending-savings plan so that they can manage farm finances more effectively. Client: UNH Cooperative Extension, Durham, NH.

Yoga Swatchbooks

2008 - 2010: Designed six innovative yoga-based products for a variety of audiences and workshops. Developed web site, online store, and marketing pieces for distribution. Products have received excellent press reviews and are selling successfully in various retail settings and online.

A Simulation on Achieving Financial Freedom
through Wise Investing Decisions

2006 - 2010: Provided design, content development, and testing for six-part educational investment simulation series for NH high school students. Client: NH Jumpstart Coalition for Financial Literacy.

Smart Growth Online Training Course

2004 - 2006: Developed successful online course on smart growth planning strategies. Included interactive smart growth assessments, expert systems, group collaboration tools, moderated discussion forums, and an online role-play simulation. Client: Vermont Forum on Sprawl, Burlington, VT

Indoor Air Quality Simulation

1998 - 2000: With Russian partners at EcopolisPress (Moscow, Russia), developed an environmental education software "What's Wrong with the Smirnof Family?" which teaches users how to identify, assess, and manage common indoor air quality problems. Funded by the USAID, International Research and Exchanges Board.

Educational Policy Simulation

1997-1998: Developed a EPICS: Educational Policy Simulation explores the complexities of education policy making and planning at the national level in a low income country. Funded by USAID, Advancing Basic Education & Literacy Project. Client: Creative Associates International, Washington, DC.

Salmon and Watershed Recovery Simulation

1996-1997: With high school educators from the Pacific Northwest and Canada, developed The Case of the Missing Salmon software which features a simulated watershed where a threatened salmon run takes place. Players explore and implement a variety of economic and resource management policies in their attempts to rebuild native salmon populations. Funded by the US Department of Education.

TOXRAP: Toxicology, Risk Assessment, and
Air Pollution Curriculum

1996: Developed 30 educational simulations, games, and exercises for TOXRAP: Toxicology, Risk Assessment, and Air Pollution, an environmental education curriculum for grades K–5. Curriculum has won numerous national educational and environmental awards and have been credited with preventing loss of life. Funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Healthquest, a community-based
tobacco prevention educational curriculum

1996: With partners at the Koop Institute, Dartmouth Medical School, developed Healthquest, a community-based tobacco prevention educational curriculum. Funded by the National Cancer Institute, Washington, DC.

Grocery Store Simulation

1993: With colleagues at the Moorhead Kennedy Institute, developed Grocery Store, a high school curriculum about resolving ethnic animosities in a culturally diverse neighborhood. Funded by the YMCA of New York.

Nat-Tel 1995 Simulation

1992: With colleagues at the Moorhead Kennedy Institute, developed Nat-Tel 1995, a training curriculum designed to enhance leadership skills and crisis management in global business operations. Funded by AT&T.

Choices and Decisions about College Simulation

1992: With colleagues at the Rochester Institute of Technology, developed Choices and Decisions in University, a curriculum designed for incoming freshman and high school students to simulate college life.

Fire in the Forest Curriculum

1991: With colleagues at Moorhead Kennedy Institute, developed Fire in the Forest, a curriculum about the rights of indigenous peoples, debt relief, the rain forest.

Arslanbob: Resource Management Simulation

1989-1990: With colleagues at Moscow State University, developed Arslanbob, a resource management tool about walnut forests in Kyrgistan, Russia. Funded by the State Committee on Education, USSR.

Close Encounters with AIDS/HIV Simulations

1988: With colleagues at Rutgers University, NJ, designed the Close Encounters with AIDS/HIV series, a curriculum which about communication skills and HIV infection, and CAPJEFOS, a curriculum about village development planning. Funded by the U.S. Office of Public Health, Division of Child and Maternal Health and UNESCO.

Pharmaceutical Supply Logistics Exercise
Production Line Inc. - Fish Banks Ltd. - Stratagem-1

1985-1986: With colleagues at Dartmouth College and Karl Marx University, Hungary, designed curriculum including the Pharmaceutical Supply Logistics Exercise, inventory management of drug stocks in the Third World; Production Line Inc., a factory management decision support tool, Fish Banks Ltd., a resource management and policy-making simulation, and Stratagem-1, a curriculum unit on economic development, regional planning, energy policy, and environmental protection. Funded by the World Health Organization, UN Industrial Development Program, and the UN Environment Program.

Other links

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Yoga Swatchbooks

Unique gifts and learning tools for yoga students, studios, and teachers. Each swatchbook includes a set of yoga poses with concise illustrations and key instructions, everything you need to know to practice safely and stay inspired.

Visit yogaswatchbook.com.

Yoga for Gardeners Swatchbook

A regular yoga practice will help prevent injuries and soreness from gardening. Includes 26 poses designed by a long-term yoga teacher and physical therapist to help prevent injuries and soreness from gardening. Provides instructions and illustrations for setting up, performing, and coming safely out of any pose.

Visit yogaswatchbook.com.

Yoga for Travelers Swatchbook

For travelers interested in learning how yoga can help alleviate the aches and anxieties of traveling. This light-weight swatchbook of easy-to-follow yoga poses was designed to fit in your carry-on luggage. Includes 26 poses designed by a long-term yoga teacher and physical therapist. Provides instructions and illustrations for setting up, performing, and coming safely out of any pose.

Visit yogaswatchbook.com.

Ancient Healing Arts Yoga Studio

Since 1999, Ancient Healing Arts Studio has been a place where individuals can learn to manage their own health and happiness. We provide guidance and instruction from highly trained teachers in a fully equipped studio located in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Ancient Healing Arts Studio helps individuals gain the tools they need for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health -- to assist them in touching the art of being human.
Visit ahayoga.com.

The Yoga Connection

The Yoga Connection of Grantham, New Hampshire, is a yoga studio offering Iyengar yoga to students of all levels and abilities, including therapeutic.
Visit yogaconnection.us.

Shining Light on New England:
The First Regional Iyengar Yoga Conference

Preparations are underway for the first ever regional Iyengar Yoga conference, to take place in Providence, R.I., October 16-18, 2009 at the Rhode Island Convention Center and the Westin hotel. The conference will be open to all and include a varied menu of workshops and teaching from our community, geared to every level of skill and experience, in a smaller and more intimate setting.
Visit iyengarnewengland.com.

Charles Meyers, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Charles Meyers is a nationally certified acupuncturist with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. He has studied with Chinese, Japanese, and American teachers in all areas of Oriental Medicine. Charles has clinics in Lebanon and New London, New Hampshire as well as in Springfield, Vermont. In addition to clinic hours, Charles teaches Five Element nutrition classes, T'ai Chi Fundamentals, and Healing Qigong. He is also available for public speaking on a range of related topics for hospitals and other health care organizations.
Visit charlesmeyerstcm.com.

Alive with Alzheimer's

Alive with Alzheimer's, by Cathy Stein Greenblat, Ph. D., is the first photographic book on Alzheimer's disease. Text and photographs offer impressive evidence that ongoing stimulation in a good institutional setting can sustain Alzheimer's patients at a far higher level than is generally believed -- keeping patients alive, not just living with the disease. Upper Valley Pilates Upper Valley Pilates of White River Junction, Vermont, is a unique studio where fitness and rehabilitation are treated as integral parts of a healthy life.
Visit alivewithalzheimers.com.

Financial Caregiving

Financial Caregiving and Compassionate Financial Assistance for Elders.
Visit carolepetrillo.com.

Liz Queeny, Artist

Vibrant colors and sun-splashed settings are mainstays of the marine-themed pencil drawings of Liz Queeny. But it is the intricate mosaic patterns that give her work a look all its own.
Visit lizqueeny.com.

Sally Rutter Group

The Sally Rutter Group is a powerfully unified team, passionately committed to helping clients achieve their real estate goals through our proven pro-active, non-traditional methods. Located in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Visit sallyruttergroup.com.

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